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Sky Walker- Ropes Course

Sky Walker Ropes Course at Cinergy

When it comes to fun, the sky is no longer the limit. At Cinergy Entertainment, we’re proud to offer a fabulous movie-viewing experience, fantastic games, laser tag, bowling, and more—and we’re especially proud of the Sky Walker ropes courses available in our Midland, Amarillo, and Odessa locations.

Suspended high above the gaming floor, this course of swaying platforms, wobbling ropes, and traverses will challenge you to set fear aside and embrace the courage that comes from knowing you can make it to the end of the course. Always strapped in safely to a harness, you’ll experience no danger—but plenty of thrills.

What You’ll Experience As You Challenge Yourself on the Course

How does our Sky Walker course in Midland work? Enjoy a personal challenge, a party, or a stimulating excursion with a school or work group.

Transforming a Sky Walker Experience into an Event

While the Sky Walker course is an exciting experience for a solo visitor, we believe that it’s best experienced in a group. Not only will you experience the excitement together, but you will also quickly find an opportunity to encourage and help one another as you determine the best way to proceed through the course.

At Cinergy, we’re always excited to help tailor event packages for our guests, and the Sky Walker experience is a perfect addition to any visit. It’s a particularly good addition to the following scenarios.

Birthday Parties

Start the festivities off on a high note! Kids are some of the world’s most skillful climbers, and they’re the unrivalled masters of the Sky Walker course. Your birthday group will jump at the opportunity to strap in and climb around up to 25 feet above the gaming arcade. We can incorporate a Sky Walker experience into any birthday package, making it easy to put together the perfect birthday afternoon or evening. Children must be at least 4 feet (48 inches) tall to participate, and all participants must attend a mandatory safety briefing.

Family Outings

Rather than a big birthday party, why not try your hand at the Sky Walker course as a family? Working together, you can cross the Cinergy interior step by step, building trust with one another and overcoming fears with ease. At the end of it all awaits something to further enhance the exciting time that you’ll have on the ropes course: a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to kick back with drinks and a delicious slice of pizza. Make weekends exciting again: bring your family to Cinergy for elevated fun.

Corporate Team Building

The challenge of crossing this course is not one to sneeze at and having help along the way makes everything better. If you’re interested in an opportunity to bring an important project team closer together, or if you’d like to foster more cohesion within your office, don’t pass up an evening at Cinergy. Ask about how we can tailor a corporate evening package for your team that includes a trip across the ropes course. By the end, you can be sure that your participants will have a newfound respect for one another’s abilities and the power of teamwork.

School Excursions

For those interested in team-building of another kind, Cinergy is a fantastic spot for school groups. Whether you want to forge stronger social bonds between classmates or provide an opportunity for kids to work off some energy, the Sky Walker course is a welcome break from routine classwork.

No matter what type of event you have in mind, we welcome your ideas and interest. Find out how we can help you plan your next exciting event.

Enjoy Sky Walker and Other Incredible Attractions at Cinergy

Whether you choose to visit our Amarillo, Midland, or Odessa locations, those who wish to soar above the norm and challenge their skills and coordination can enjoy the thrill of the Sky Walker course. Remember to make enough time to attend the pre-activity safety briefing so that you can enjoy this exciting entertainment with confidence. When you complete the course, you can enjoy a refreshing beverage or a tasty gourmet snack, take in a movie, and try your hand at the arcade games located right below the epic course you trekked across during your experience with Sky Walker.

Come and see us today and push your limits!

This attraction has more than 19 separate indoor vertical and horizontal challenges, including swaying bridges, narrow beams, and a field of nets and ropes to scale, balance and trek through.

In order to participate in a session, you must arrive 10 minutes early in order to attend a session briefing.  Every player must be at least 48” tall in order to play and closed shoes are required. Prices range from $4-$8.50 depending on location, date and time.

Sky Walker sessions are available for group events, team building, and birthday parties. At the ropes courses highest point, you are suspended 25 feet above the game floor.


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