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Laser Tag

Come Play Laser Tag at Cinergy!

Some activities are simply classics — and laser tag is up near the top of the list of all-time favorites, right alongside ageless fixtures such as skeeball and air hockey. Strapping on your “armor,” charging up your laser, and stepping out into an unknown arena… it’s enough to get anyone’s adrenaline flowing in mere moments! At Cinergy Entertainment, we’re proud to carry the torch and keep the tradition alive by offering a modern, cutting-edge option for Laser tag in Amarillo as well as our Odessa  location. Come one, come all — and test your mettle against your peers in the Cinergy Arena!

Pulse-Pounding Fun for All Ages

The game is simple: score points by hitting the laser receivers worn by your opponents, while ducking and dodging out of the way to avoid being hit in return. Every hit equals points, and the more points you score, the higher up you’ll be on the leaderboard at the end of the match. Complicating the equation is the unique layout of our multi-level battle arena, with twisting passageways, glowing walls and pillars, and the spooky shades of the blacklight throughout the whole space. Are you about to turn a corner and come face to face with an opposing player, or will you make a daring escape to score surprise hits on your opponents?

At Cinergy, we aim to provide the most immersive laser tag experience you’ll find. That includes using special fog machines to send mist sprawling across the battlefield while piping in intense music that puts you in the mood to compete. Perfect for groups of all ages, children must be at least 48 inches tall to play.

Make an Event Out of Your Laser Tag Battle

We welcome walk-ins and groups who simply want to fit in a round before their movie begins, or who want to stretch their legs with a challenge after the credits roll. Cinergy Entertainment’s laser tag in Copperas Cove is also perfect for all kinds of groups. With package deals for parties that can include laser tag as one of your chosen activities, we’re also happy to create custom packages or even help you throw a party centered around a few games. Let your little ones compete for bragging rights as they rack up ever-higher scores round after round.

Some of the other events that could involve laser tag include:

Birthday Parties

Few things get kids quite as excited as a laser tag party, and when you add a private room to start your party off on the right foot, you can set the stage for a fantastic afternoon or evening of memorable fun. Don’t forget to explore our birthday package deals to find the ideal arrangement for your child’s birthday celebration.

Team Building Exercises

Want to explore a way to help a critical team in your company work together more cohesively? Divide them up into teams for laser tag in Odessa and turn them loose in our arena! It’s a fantastic and fun way to not only allow your team to relieve some stress, but to learn how to coordinate as a group in a high-stress environment. Combined with pizza and drinks after a few intense rounds of battling one another and you can enjoy bringing the group back together more tightly knit than before. Ask us about arranging one of these events for your company today.

Office Events

Don’t need to focus on team building, but do want to focus on providing your staff with a reward for a job well done? Schedule your celebration at Cinergy and allow them to enjoy the run of the place — and a few games of laser tag, too, of course. The large size of the arena and the abundance of other activities make for the perfect place to unwind after finally delivering a difficult project.

Enter the Arena and Challenge Yourself to Hit the High Score

Laser tag is a classic for a reason, and at Cinergy, we’re keeping that tradition alive. Whether you’re arriving with a large group or you’re just a few friends who want to relive past glory days of pitched laser tag battles, visit your local Cinergy location, strap on your gear, and prepare to enter the battle.

Will you come out on top?

Choose between different gaming scenarios to challenge your friends as you duck behind walls and barriers and make your way around the multi-level arena. Don’t forget to post your high score on Facebook… bragging rights are definitely well-earned. Height Requirements: Every player must be at least 48” tall in order to play and closed shoes are required. Prices range from $4-$8.50 depending on location, date and time.

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