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Hologate Virtual Arena

Now FEATURING AT Cinergy Odessa!

Fight robots and dragons with our high-end virtual reality system, and you will forget about pixels and technology as soon as you put on the headset.
Play together as a team or challenge your friends in a player versus player competitive match.

Hologate Virtual Arena at Cinergy

Are you ready to step into another world?

Grab a weapon to defend yourself, strap on your visor, and step through the Hologate into another world. Immersed in a fully three-dimensional digital realm with a graphical fidelity so sharp you’ll feel like you’re really there, you and up to three friends can embark on a harrowing adventure to defend yourselves and emerge victoriously. At Cinergy, accessing the incredible and mind-blowing realms that await you on the other side of a virtual reality headset is easier than ever — and with tons of other activities waiting for you when you emerge, it’s the perfect way to get the adrenaline pumping for an afternoon or evening filled with fun.

What is the Hologate?

Not sure how an attraction like this works? It’s simple: we’ve created a separate area near our Cinergy game floor that is set up for an incredible time in VR. Grab your standard-issue laser sidearm as you step onto the platform, then pull on one of four virtual reality visors. When you’re ready, the game begins, and suddenly you’re thrust into a new world where you’re fighting aliens, dragons, and other fantastic creatures and challenging foes. Your goal: hold off the enemy for as long as you can! With a full 360 degrees of motion, you can turn in place to focus your fire wherever it’s needed most, making it one of the most innovating games offered at Cinergy. Meanwhile, others in your group can enjoy comfortable seating nearby to watch what’s going on in your virtual world on big screens. Note: children must be at least 46 inches tall to use the Hologate attraction effectively.

Take on Challenges as a Team — or Make It a Free-for-All

The best part of the Hologate experience? Its versatility. Want to challenge yourself and your friends to mount a valiant defense against the enemies that the game will throw at you in relentless waves? No problem! But what if you want to challenge each other instead of working together as a team? Take the concept of laser tag to the next level with our player versus player, or PvP, virtual reality scenarios.

In a PvP game, it’s no longer your team against the environment — it’s every man and woman for themselves. Who will emerge from the firefight as the victory? It’s up to you to duck, dodge, and fire your way to the top of the heap. By the time you remove your visors, you might even find yourself missing the virtual world you just left behind.

An Adventure in Virtual Reality Could Be the Start of a Wonderful Evening

At Cinergy, we take pride in delivering one of the best entertainment options around with something for everyone, including the innovating VR games offered here. The Hologate can be your gateway to another world, but it can also be your portal to the start of a worthwhile visit. Want to take your skills to the actual laser tag arena? We have that — and we have escape rooms, laser tags, and more, too. Did we mention the movies and a gourmet snack menu? That’s here as well. Wherever Hologate fits into your visit, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to explore the many other exciting activities on tap here, too.

Making Virtual Reality a Part of Your Next Event

Hologate is fun for families and dedicated gamers alike — but it’s also an awesome option for including in an upcoming event you’re planning. Whether you’re an office manager looking for a unique team-building event or an opportunity to let staff blow off some steam, we’re happy to accommodate even huge groups with custom bookings that correspond to your specific needs. Want to arrange a birthday party that includes time in virtual reality for the kids (or the adults)? All you need to do is ask — we’re happy to help you select the party or event package that will translate into a most memorable and fun evening or afternoon.

Explore All the Entertainment Options Cinergy Has to Offer

In just a few short years, virtual reality went from a niche hobby to the latest major force in gaming — and Cinergy helps you stay on the cutting edge of entertainment with options such as the Hologate Arena experience. Whether you’re arriving for a solo adventure, with a group of friends, or for a team-building outing with the coworkers, the Hologate can be your portal to an unforgettable evening. That’s not to mention all the other amenities on tap here, from delicious food and thirst-quenching beverages to movies, bowling, laser tag, and so much more.

Experiencing virtual reality has never been easier. Find out now how to take advantage of these exciting opportunities for gamers of all skill levels.


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