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You’ve had the rest, now try the best! Get immediate exposure for your message at Cinergy! Everyone enjoys movies and games, so why not leverage those positive associations?

More than two-thirds of the U.S. population (68%) went to a movie at the cinema at least once last year! A typical moviegoer bought 6 tickets over the course of last year alone. Even more people come to Cinergy just to enjoy our fantastic game floor or thrilling attractions.


Cinergy partners with NCM for its on screen advertising.

Put your business front and center with NCM. As the leader in cinema advertising, NCM connects your business with consumers through on-screen advertising available at your community movie theatres. Showcase your business with the power of Hollywood, within our entertaining preshow that puts your advertising message front and center on the big screen to deliver blockbuster results. To learn more, click to visit or call us at 1-800–SCREEN1.

NCM’s digital preshow incorporates an engaging and entertaining ‘advertainment’ platform as our new brand ambassador, CMOR, guides moviegoers through the preshow experience, introducing the latest information in entertainment, music, upcoming releases, interactive gaming and technology.

Content segments consist of a variety of behind-the-scenes looks at film and TV programming, world premiere music videos and branded entertainment pieces. Advertisers and content partners provide this entertainment-driven material which is seamlessly blended within NCM’s advertainment platform to create a compelling 20-minute show that’s become part of the movie going experience.

Unique advertising opportunities.

NCM’s digital preshow offers a variety of brand-building opportunities for advertisers:

  • Long-form content segments give you more time to reach and engage consumers with your messaging
  • Product integration through content segments enables you to creatively highlight key product/brand attributes
  • Sponsorship of show segments, music, trivia or the entire preshow gives you valuable brand presence in front of an attentive audience
  • Cinema slide and spot advertising allows you to run existing creative on the big screen
  • A hit among moviegoers.

Consumers give NCM’s digital preshow high marks, achieving 94% receptivity levels, with even higher praise from young adults and teens.

Want your ad on screen with the digital preshow? CONTACT NCM to learn how to take advantage of these opportunities.


In Theatre Advertising

Alternative Media

Do you want to be on the cutting edge of alternative media? Imagine the impact your advertising will have within a fun environment. All Cinergy locations are heavily trafficked by a wide demographic range. We’ve got a solution just right for you.

  • Menu board displays
  • Posters / banners / floor stands
  • Packaging
  • Game Floor
  • Windows
  • Restrooms

Nothing is off limits when it comes to the power of your alternative media with Cinergy. Contact us today, and we’ll work with you to figure out the right impact for your message.

Marketing / Partnerships and Promotions

Cinergy is always looking for strong partners to collaborate and make one of a kind thrilling promotions! Programs can be integrated with social media, web, bounce-back offers, and more.

CONTACT US by emailing


Imagine your message being displayed in the must publicly trafficked areas in the building. Trailervision is an interactive display located inside the Cinema hallway. This visual solution reaps results in impact and recall.

Coming soon to Midland, Texas.

CONTACT US by emailing

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